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Our Skills & Expertise

  • Converter design
  • Circuit board design
  • Controller design and programing
  • Prototyping
  • Thermal analysis
  • Thermal, humidity, and vibration testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Motor drives and back-to-back motor testing
  • Wide bandgap technologies
  • Medium-voltage converter design and prototyping
  • Industrial and automotive classes
Innovation 0
Power Level: Up to 2MW 0
Voltage Level: Up to 12,470 Vac 0
Cooling: Air, Water/Glycol, Oil 0
Application: Grid Integration, Automotive, Industrial, Drives, Power Supply,... 0
Manufacturing: Small Scale Prototyping 0
Circuit Design

InnoCit LLC provides analog and digital circuit design services.  This includes analog signal shaping and sensing, digital controllers and embedded logic, communication interfaces, and EMI assessment.

Mixed Signal PCB Design

InnoCit LLC provides UL-compliant PCB design for analog and digital circuitry including embedded logic controllers, analog signal shaping, electrical and optical communication interfaces, power-on-board PCB-based converter design, magnetics-on-board planar magnetics, and high current PCBs to substitute laminated dc-bus structures.

Wide Bandgap and Other Advanced Technologies

InnoCit LLC utilizes the latest in switch technologies including GaN and SiC devices in addition to the latest in controller and DSP technologies including TI floating-point controllers and Intel FPGAs to design a state-of-the-art solution for our clients.

Controller Design

InnoCit LLC provides a state-of-the-art controller design service including the design of traditional controllers (PID), optimal and model predictive controllers, and reinforcement learning-based adaptive controllers. InnoCit LLC has multiple IP on advanced learning based controllers for motor drives, adaptive dynamic programming schemes for virtual-inertia-based grid-tied inverters, and learning-based hybrid models for prediction algorithms and motor drives.

Software Development

InnoCit LLC provides embedded logic programing services for a variety of power conversion applications including motor drives and power supplies. As a part of the agreement, InnoCit delivers the developed software to its clients with details on all libraries and algorithms used.


InnoCit offers testing services for electrical circuitry, converter repair, and debugging. We provide mixed-signal testing and spectrum analysis for up to 1GHz.

Low Volume Manufacturing

InnoCit provides low volume manufacturing services for a low number of prototypes. We have an in-house SMD pick-and-place/manufacturing line, soldering stations, coil winding machines, and mechanical installation services.

Mechanical Prototyping

We offer in-house mechanical design and prototyping services for converter enclosures including Aluminum CNC and TIG welding, heatsink shaping, and installations.  For larger projects, we utilize our local machining partner here in Saint James, Missouri.

Vibration Testing

We offer vibration testing services for automotive converters.  We support testing up to 1000Hz and 40G.

Thermal Design

InnoCit LLC provides finite-element-model-based (FEM) liquid- and air-cooled heatsinks for stationary and automotive applications. Thermal design will be done in parallel with the converter design to optimize the size of the cooling system, consider the operating conditions, and maximize the utilization of switches. FEM results will be provided to clients for further analysis. Studies will include thermal performance, placement of components, flow rates, and pressure drop.

Thermal Testing

All designed heatsinks will undergo testing to ensure an agreement between FEM analysis and measured data. For liquid cooled systems, the cooling performance will be investigated at different inlet flow rates and temperature.

Reliability Testing

Reliability studies are provided using our environmental chambers with thermal cycling, humidity studies (IPxx verification), salt spray, and electrical surges. We can provide on-line environmental testing on operating converters.

High Power Converters

InnoCit LLC offers design and prototyping services for custom-made converters ranging from watts to 2MW and up to 12.4kV.  The design and prototyping agreements include electrical/mechanical/thermal design, controller and software development, electrical/mechanical hardware prototyping, testing, and delivery of all documents and IP rights. The converter shown above is a 6-phase 1MW water-cooled inverter custom-designed for DOE ARPA-E.

Automotive Converters

InnoCit LLC offers the design and development of automotive converters as well.  Automotive converters will be designed to meet the automotive shock and thermal requirements. Both standard and heavy duty automotive converters are supported by our team. Near manufacturing-ready and high TRL prototypes are offered as well. The converter shown above is a 150kW 700A prototype of an automotive drive available for purchase.

Miniaturized Converters

We offer miniaturized and modular converter design for specialty applications including gate driver power supplies, supplies used in aerospace, and rack/chassis based power supplies. Converters include 2-level and multi-level inverters, resonant and high gain dc-dc converters, ripple-canceling converters, specialty topologies, and switched capacitor topologies.

Are You Looking for a Custom Technology?

Please contact us for a conference call and a personalized quote.

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