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About Us

Innovation City, Power and Energy Solutions

Founded in 2014, InnoCit LLC is a technology transfer and product development company focused on the development of power electronic converters using the state-of-the-art technologies such as wide bandgap devices and digital signal processors. InnoCit is located in St. James, Missouri and has a 9-acre campus with more than 5,000-sq. ft. of laboratory and manufacturing space. InnoCit’s business model is based on minimizing wiring and labor costs and maximizing automated pick-and-place manufacturing to offer lower manufacturing costs. Additionally, InnoCit LLC offers fast design and prototyping services with electrical/mechanical/software design, prototyping, and technology transfer of less than 6 months for majority of our projects.  InnoCit is in the possession of the equipment to conduct power experiments up to 500 kW including power supplies, motor drives, and medium-voltage converters.

Intellectual Property and Technology Development

InnoCit LLC is a research and development firm focused on the development of advanced technologies in power conversion applications. To this end, InnoCit LLC has developed new technologies on converter topology, converter control, and in particular, the utilization of wide bandgap Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices in power converters and motor drives. InnoCit’s research and development efforts have been funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, The PowerAmerica Institute, U.S. National Science Foundation, and private entities. InnoCit has been a recipient of Phase I and II SBIR grants and has published multiple patents. InnoCit LLC is/has been a member of PowerAmerica, Friends of Missouri Energy Imitative, and Missouri S&T Microgrid Consortium.  InnoCit LLC has IP agreements with Missouri University of Science and Technology, the leading engineering university in the state of Missouri.

Disclaimer: Although InnoCit LLC has had prior agreements/contracts with the above agencies, it is not directly affiliated with any of the above agencies.


InnoCit LLC provides technology development, design, prototyping, and technology transfer services to its clients. InnoCit LLC offers a 6-months or less delivery on most of its design and prototyping contracts. This includes power supplies, grid-tied converters, motor drives, distributed generation converters, back-to-back and multi-port converters, and dc-dc converters with power ratings of up to 2MW and voltage levels of up to 12.4kV. Design and prototyping services include the design of the topology, analog/digital mixed-signal PCB design and development, mechanical design and thermal analysis, liquid or air cooled design, electrical and mechanical prototyping, and software development. InnoCit LLC has the facility to provide testing services for motors drives and converters as well.

IP Rights and Patenting

InnoCit LLC provides full IP transfer agreements and does not claim any rights to IPs and patents developed during the contracted projects. Additionally, InnoCit LLC provides all the rights including remanufacturing rights to the client. All software and design files will be transferred to the client and client can request an exclusive design project where the design will not be used for any other customer.